Tuesday, January 05, 2010

We've Moved!!

Seven Trees hasn't quite settled into it's new digs yet, but it's time to point your browser to our new blog-site - Seven Trees Farm: http://www.seventreesfarm.com/

There will be plenty of updates as we get used to all the bells & whistles of the new format. Our links & blogroll page needs refilling, and we're not done with the flock profile yet either.

But all future posts will be made at the new site, so make yourselves comfortable, and we welcome any comments regarding the big change.

Blog upgrade delay...

The plan was for this next post to be at our new home online, but some technical issues have arisen -- hence there will be a small delay. Hopefully we can have them resolved this week, but in the mean time...

Here are several cuts of sirloin from the two dexter steers, salted/peppered and ready to grill.

And here's the entire meal, Seven Trees grown Island sunshine bakers with local bacon/sour cream for topping, Swiss chard that we blanched and froze over the past summer from the garden, a glass of home made wine from some local picked fox grapes and our very own home raised sirloin steak [at long last]. The beef is extremely flavorful and incredibly lean... these below I over cooked just a wee bit, and will make appropriate adjustments next time around. But all and all, delicious. We've since also had some Dexter burgers, meat also quite lean, but I kept them to the medium rare side and they were fabulous. The lean meat is more like buffalo or even game than that of traditional beef and is hopefully packed with omega 3's.

Below is the culmination of a slow oven braised roast in a mixture of tomatoes, home grown dried chilis, and other seasonings. Steamed tamales with fresh made masa and the tender chopped beef as filling. You cannot eat just one.

Hopefully the next post will see us at our new home online, with a new outlook and even more adventures. Cheerio!