Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stella update et al...

We heard from Stella the Dexter cow's breeder today, and while she is doing better, we'll be waiting a few months to bring her home... just in case. So no trip to Orcas Saturday horse trailer in tow. Kind of a bummer, but I am sure that we'll find something to do.

Like go to the beach. Here's Stewart and D at Semiahmoo spit park today. He was more interested in the smells than the water, especially a tasty crab claw sans the crab. A tad ripe no doubt, so we stopped that action right away. Tonight is his second dog-kindergarten class, which he seems to enjoy thus far. It involves a lot of treats, so what's not to like??

The wood shed is about done and filled. We have just about enough wood left to stack... to fill this little bit of the row where the kindling tote is sitting. (Actually a bit more to be chain-sawed as well. Not sure where that's going... but hey! We're darn close to a wrap on it!!)

Here's a bit of the transforming shed area and J getting the mower ready this afternoon. Especially cool is the chairs around our new fire pit, which we dug the past week. The old one was way out in the pasture, and too far to be very convenient. We were given some bricks and interesting stones from D's co-worker yesterday, and hope to dress the pit up with those soon. Were also pondering the purchase of one of those Forest Service style steel pits with the heavy-duty grill that can be hinged up or down.

At any rate... cow or no... life proceeds at Seven Trees.


Anonymous said...

do not use riverstone in or around your fire-pit. they tend to absorb water and the heat of the fire can make them pop like corn, only with less tendency to stick together in one piece and more tendency to launch high speed shards akin to those of a grenade.

Dani said...

Now that would be unpleasant. Nope. They are some other rock that's a bit heartier, but thanks for the warning!