Saturday, December 02, 2006

Barnyard mods

I built a half-wall in one of the barn bays yesterday on my day off, to help block out the wind and rain a bit more. Next we'll build a stall door to match, so we'll also have place to shut animals in as needed. OR isolate the greedy goats who like to help themselves to Stella's protein ration of alfalfa or all-purpose farm blend. Baby Berry is so greedy he actually jumps in the low hay manger and eats while standing on the food. If you're considering goats, remember that they are greedy monsters! Anyway as you can see Stella took an immediate liking to the more enclosed space and settled right in for a cud chew.

Now that we irritating humans came out to harass her, Stella decided to get up and say hello. She's starting to settle in here at Seven Trees and seems a lot more relaxed.

Here are the "trouble brothers" taking a nap together. Fergus actually had his chin resting on Stewart, but both dogs know the camera powering ON sound, so if they are doing something funny or cute they can cease and desist, before we can capture it on camera. Of course Fergus sat up and Stewart woke up, but they're still kind of cute miscreants.

And here's Mr. Sophistication himself, Stewart, displaying his hotdog toy, with classic teepee ears happening. Stewart's a serious clodhopper and gets bigger by the moment. I believe he tipped out the scales at 67 pounds last night. Soon I won't be able to pick him up to weigh him anymore!

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