Friday, September 07, 2007

Mystery Fungii Update...

So here it is again a short few days ago. Still morphing like crazy. Notice it's little side-kick mini-shroom.
Again, seems like overnight it has changed into a completely different shape. Today it looks like your typical grocery store mushroom albeit on steroids. It has a distinct, and quite solid cap as I've rapped on it. That's a quarter on the cap BTW!
The underside gills pictured below, bit of stem, and the cap edge.
Again below with the same view as the top picture, only it's more mature today. We thought that it might just be a Boletus mushroom. Most of which are edible and quite delicious by all accounts. I'm just not seeing gills on the Boletus though in the pictures at that link, which I just today observed on our monster mushroom... so we are still up in the air on what this is exactly. As dangerous as muchrooms can be, we certainly wouldn't want to eat it, unless we are certain as to what variety. Shame as at this size, it would certainly feed a family of ten hobbits or more no doubt! And it looks like it sure might be tasty sauteed in copious butter... Mmmmm.

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