Thursday, November 15, 2007

Cougar sighted!

Actually more than just sighted. A neighbor just down the road dropped by. He wanted to alert us that a cougar attacked a mare just around the corner from us... fortunately she survived. He also said though that there were some dogs also killed by a cougar about 1/4 mile away. Must be a hungry one to be coming so close to more habited areas for feeding.
There's a large stand of woods across the road from us that runs uninterrupted right down to the Nooksack river, so it's probably a happy hunting ground if you're a big cat.

While we have some pretty good fencing here, there'll be no more turning off the porch light at night! We'll want to keep a close eye on our cow for sure, plus cats and dogs as well.
We have heard from locals that the black bears have been thin and lacking food this year, so maybe cougars are in the same state.
During our time in Eastern Washington we've seen cougars up close and personal. J even got to see one with a kitten cub hang out by our creek for a day. No troubles then with our livestock, so here's hoping that our luck holds true!


Anonymous said...

Suddenly you have a great abundance of cat-energy. Lucky you!

Jannette said...

For a while, a cougar was hanging out around the place I volunteer at once a week: we had to carry those gas can powered honking devices - and they are loud.
I am sure you are keeping "noise making devices" close at hand :)

Hope he/she retreats from the neighborhood before getting too much of a taste for domestic animals.