Friday, March 07, 2008

Oh those cute felons!

Also known as Felions in some circles....
Magnus and Mercia are 100% people cats. Despite leaving the door a jar a few times to see if they'd venture out on nice days, they have declined, wanting no part of that scary outdoors.
They'll peak, but no way they are going out THERE.
See what I mean about "people" cats? Magnus even sits like a person beside me on the recliner!
Wherever you go, whatever you're doing, Magnus is there to help.
Here he is folding laundry. Now isn't that helpful? In all actuality, I fold, he absorbs the residual heat from the dryer. He's right there though, just in case a cat might be called for in this process.

And of course after a hard day helping humans... any half grown cat needs a nap. Here's Mercia in her bed next to the wood stove catching some well deserved shut-eye.


As far as the barnyard critters go...

Baby chicks move to the outdoor house tomorrow. They've had plenty of people time in the backroom, and they are almost escaping size from their current digs. Look for some photos of moving day soon.

Stella update: Her bag and teats are yet larger... all 4 quarters now swelling a bit in preparation for milk production. She shows no other sign of labor, but my prediction is this Sunday March 7th, 2008... stay tuned!!

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