Monday, August 04, 2008

Another Seven Trees pictorial weekend!

Here's Crichton, demonstrating the shopcat pose. Sometimes Newt hangs out here, and sometimes they hang out on the window ledge and look outside.Gemini is just outside the window above. He likes to trim the weedy area where the garage site scrapings were piled. Someday we'll try digging a root cellar into the little hill piled up, off the picture to the right.
We've been hearing a ruckus around 4am some mornings, and just assumed Maggie was roughhousing before we open the cat door for the day. Imagine our surprise to discover that he's been playing with real mousies. Newt (who knows how to open the cat door when it's locked) has been bringing them in for him.
One view of the new shelter. The back corner will have trim, and an angled piece will go above the open half of the side walls to make it look nicer and keep a little heat in.
Here's another view, with no side wall. And the front will have a little bit of siding across the top, down as far as the 2x4 nailing girt. This should help divert some of the winter north wind, but we'll probably eventually add a partial wall in front, from top to botom.
One more view, this time with pony. We'll run a gutter across the back too, but not just yet...
We've been working like crazy to get chores done and some food stocked up for the surgery adventure coming up in 2 weeks. I've made & canned bean with bacon soup, chili, and split pea. There is a batch of congee in the freezer too. The garden is kicking in more finally. Lots of Reddale potatoes, a few Island Sunshines (super tasty), kohlrabi & carrots. We picked our first cuke tonight, and tons of little ones are on the way.
Look at this stressed out kitty! He can't seem to lie down without losing all muscle tone. We call him Boneless Chicken.
The obligatory porch-pony shot. Gem is learning to come to the front door for a treat when we ring the bell, but the back porch is the place to go for chicken scratch and muck boots. We went for a 1.5 mile drive yesterday and he almost broke a sweat. I think we'll be heading to Everson for a latte in no time! The vet gave him a clean bill of health today, but not without being sedated and having his teeth floated. Crichton and Magnus are getting along better. They played (and fought) in the hay bales yesterday while we painted siding.
Maggie scored the high ground, much to Crichton's annoyance. We still find "leftovers" from when they bring varmints behind the bales for snacks.
This Sunday we go get Ryder. Our critter count will be complete then, save for a beehive and weaner pig next spring.

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