Monday, November 17, 2008

Kinda-sorta normal weekends resume...

As of Sunday, Ryder left Seven Trees to go prepare for being a herd sire and show bull next spring. In exchange we have gained a Red Dexter steer for our beef locker. He was known as dummy, but we've taken to calling him, Buddy.
Seems a friendly enough fellow... mostly just follows Doug around and does what Douglas does. Including already "MOO" to speed up breakfast delivery... or apparently that's the idea, thanks to Doug. Let's hope this is a habit that doesn't last for either steer.
More neighbor bounty... this in the form of a concord "type" grape from a friend of our neighbor M's grape vines. No one knows anymore exactly what variety grape they are as some old homesteader planted them originally. We decided to turn the lot of them into juice for fresh or canning, and will make a small amount into a batch or two of jelly. M picked them and brought them to our doorstep... how cool is that??

Next they are washed, crushed and being heated, all part of the juicing process. After we drained them in a mesh brewing bag, we ended up with about a gallon of concentrated juice from a 5 gallon bucket of grapes. Not too shabby.

Check out the body in this juice in glass? Whoa, this is concentrated food... not just juice! Grape juice, particularly concord is beneficial for the urinary tract, digestion, and packed with antioxidants. Salut!

If you really need to warm up...

Magnus shows how it is done... camp in the empty kindling basket, next to the toasty woodstove AND in a sunbeam! Just add Zzzzzz...

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