Wednesday, January 07, 2009

State of Emergency

Whatcom County was under a state of emergency Wednesday, Jan. 7, after major roads and the Nooksack River have flooded from warm rains and melting snow.
Here's some pics of the Nooksack at Deming this afternoon.

Here the dogs check the depth for me.

At full roil... amazingly loud!


DivaHick said...

I hope you stay safe and have little or no damage! We'll be thinking about you guys!

PS- How dirty were the dogs when they got home? LOL

Dani said...

Thank you!

They were very, very dirty. But now they are asleep by the woodstove.

BTW I am a HUGE Great Big Sea fan too! 8-))

hattie said...

Love the pics and the roil-noise. Wow.

Glad you're safe.

I'm an awful TV disaster junkie. Can't take my eyes off the weather channel tonight!