Monday, March 09, 2009

It's all about the oysters, baby!

This is what happens when we let the fire go out overnight. I think it got down to about 53, which won't kill anyone, but the dogs get a bit whiny.
We drove down to visit our friends in Endor (in a geodesic dome, in the rainforest, on the banks of the Skagit River) this weekend. We took the scenic route, down Chuckanut Drive, so we could pick up fresh oysters on the way.

This sign was so odd, we actually turned the car around so we could take a picture. There is a giant arrow pinning the sign to the phone pole. I have no idea who did or why, but apparently this part of Skagit County is patrolled by Robin Hood. Better mind your P's & Q's!

Here's the gateway to delicious shellfish at Taylor's. We got some mussels, a crab, some Totten Inlet oysters, and a dozen extra-special super-delicious Kumamoto oysters, pictured below.

Right before we hit the oyster store, located right on the water of Samish Bay, we passed this crumbling old house. Not sure the history of it, but on closer inspection we noticed some neat tribal artwork.

One last look at the entrance to Taylor Shellfish. We let Stewart & Fergus out where it was safe, down by the beach, and they chased us up hill to burn off a little cooped-in-the-car steam. We bought our own oyster knife too, so we can properly process the little packages of delight. I can't wait to get more, right out of the water!
We're getting another little snowstorm, and some below-freezing weather. Looks like the garden will wait a bit longer. Good thing there are always more indoor projects. Later this week we'll share the pickled beef tongue recipe, complete with yucky pictures. It turned out delicious though, and made great tacos. We'll do it again next time we have a steer butchered.

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Robin Hood Lives!