Monday, April 06, 2009

Bee-ing ready for bees!

Here's a few pieces of the beehive that we purchased at Beez Neez apiary supply in Snohomish, WA. with most of the primer coat of paint.
These need to be ready to go in just a short few weeks when our bees arrive, a variety called Carniolan which are supposed to be very gentle. Let's hope so!

Above are the deep supers. Just below is the outer cover.

The cover is insulated, made special for our climate, to help the bees winter over.
Below are the deep supers, a shallow super and part of the base assembly.
These are painted the same color the main part of the house will be, if all goes as planned this summer. This is the same color that our small barn and run-in are painted.

Hive stand and bottom board as well as the lid are all painted to the new trim colors our house will be painted this summer.

This is the painting supervisor. Newt made sure I did a proper job on everything for the entire painting project.

And like any job the bedroom has taken us longer than intended, but should be worth the wait. This weekend most of the trim got finished up. Painting the top trim was slow and arduously completed with a small artist brush and a steady hand. Also in this picture you can see the new light fixture/fan. This'll be handy come summer!

Last, but not least, Magnus demonstrates his patented tail chasing abilities in the kitchen!
What a cat!!


Bob Mount said...

Nice colors on the walls.

We have added our three peeps to our homestead a couple of weeks ago. The three French hens: silver laced wyandotte and two auracanas. Vivian, Paulette, Claudine.

The two bee swarms I acquired are thriving. I do hope you are able to find swarms to fill your hives early in the season of swarming. The first swarms are worth a wagon of hay, I am told.

Good luck.

Dani said...

Thank you!

Definitely want to lay in another hive, just in case. A swarm came through our place last year, and had we the equipment, we could have gotten one!

We'll post after bee installation come Thursday... stay tuned.