Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Doings

Weekends go by way too fast. While we got a lot done, seems like there was a lot more we'd have liked to do. At least the sun was out, which made a hive check that much easier. Here's the intrepid beekeeper inspecting a frame.
We were both excited to see that the brood were starting to hatch! The open cells on this frame are where baby bees recently emerged.
This is in contrast to the second super where the bees are just starting to draw out comb. The mostly empty frame below has a few bees getting started on this.

Contrast again with another frame showing signs of hatched bees. Under closer inspection we could see some very young bees who must have just recently emerged! Despite the cool temperatures all last week, looks like we added that second super at the just the right time to make room for all the new babies hatching.

The grown chickens and babies here. Babies are at the waterer, while the grown lady hens are under the house watching them. After this weekend, the older hens are now only able to access their coop or in the barnyard, while the babies get most of the actual chicken run. They love the larger space and tear around it most of the day chasing bugs or each other.
Here the boys are hanging out after a lovely grass lunch. The paddocks have greened up nicely and the animals are glad for some new spring grass.
But we still serve hay at least once a day for those that want it... even if they prefer to lay on it over eat it.

Pony is napping under the old apple tree while being tethered out for a bit. He no longer gets the run of the house yard owing for his goat like tendency to eat fresh growth on fruit trees or other landscaping. He seems to have a particular fondness for the front yard's Rugosa rose! Fortunately we caught on before the damage was too bad.

And last but not least the garden, looking a tad scruffy yet. Many things were either started in the green house or planted out this weekend. Potatoes are up and the onions look quite good!

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