Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Harvest

This weekend as well as more house painting, we did some garden harvesting. The vegetables are very happy this year, especially our Uncle David's Dakota Dessert Squash. It's muscling out everything near it as you can see!

Squash blossoms closer up. The plants seem picture perfect this year.

Got beets? We sure do! This week we'll be processing and pickling many beets. Estimate is about 40 pounds worth this particular harvest.

First storage potato crop brought in as well, and curing before going in the back pantry. One of these days we hope to add an old fashioned cold cupboard to better preserve things and for longer storage life.

Pickling onions, cukes and dill as well as some carrots not shown all went into a batch of fridge pickles.

We used this Refridgerator Dill Pickle recipe and in as little as 2 -4 days this jar of goodness will be ready to eat... Mm-mm!

The tomatoes appear to have a new resident... can you spot her/him in the picture?

Here Fergus is trying to figure out if he should be jealous of "Tame Chicken". She's one of our new hens and seems to love people, running over whenever we are in the area. Naturally she gets special privileges, such as hanging out with us in the yard.

Or even better, lap time with hugs.


2manymachines said...

Joanna, I'm so glad you posted again at CR because I loved reading your homepage and hadn't marked it before spring chores began and you posted less frequently there. You are living the life now that I hope to be living in approximately 7 years. Retirement. Yeehaw! I was reading The Have-More Plan yesterday, dreaming. Keep updating your Seven Trees site as I can't wait to see what you gals are up to next. More chicken pics, please!
Susan in Omaha

Seven Trees said...

Thanks for the kind words!

I had to take a break from CR, but I can't stay away for long. It's a great place to learn and enjoy all the banter.

We've been painting in most of our non-gardening moments for nearly a month. Still lots to do, and it's mad harvest season now too. But well worth it! You sure don't need a huge place to grow a lot of good food. Just time & energy ;)

We'll have to get a picture of our big rooster. He's very handsome, but we're not planning to keep him.