Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Getting ready for winter

It was a breezy weekend in Whatcom County.
There were power outages all over, mostly due to downed trees like this one across the road from us. Our power didn't go out until they turned it off to get rid of the tree, but we still had fun chatting with neighbors and a couple of friendly police officers.
This weekend I also experimented with making roasted vegetable stock that went into a batch of black bean veggie soup that I canned. Here are the raw stock ingredients, ready for roasting. The recipes I used are here: Roasted veggie stock and Black bean soup.
We got a nice pile of maple rounds from one neighbor we bought firewood from, and it's so hard that we had to call for reinforcements to split it. Here's our neighbor to the north, who brought his tractor-driven hydraulic splitter over to help.
And a bit of video showing how powerful the splitter is. We're keeping a couple rounds intact for splitting on, the old fashioned way. We also use a splitting round for peening the scythe on, and killing chickens. Funny how important a chunk of hardwood is to farm functions....


Oldnovice said...

Using a hydraulic splitter is too scary for me to fathom. Using an ax is scary enough.

nova said...

Yep, they are very useful. You can even sit on it when you get tired.