Monday, December 14, 2009

Gemini's Snow Day

Since we haven't been able to get Gemini out for a cart drive recently, we took advantage of the snowy day to take him for a walk. Here he is getting a mini-lunge session while we wait for a car to go by. Gemini never passes up a chance to eat, so he could use a little exercise....

Pausing to pose with pony near the Pole Rd.

We thought it would be a good idea to take Gem to the pig farm up the road. He doesn't care for them at all, and he needs to be able to take them in stride while pulling a cart.

Look at the face on this boar! We also wanted a closer look to get used to the idea or raising and eating a critter like this.

Gemini thought the wind-spinner was rather spooky as well. He sure gets a lot of attention from traffic when he's out walking. It's fun, and a great way to get him used to different sights & sounds.

At the end of the walk, he was ready to quit hoofing it and catch a ride home. Unfortunately his bus wasn't running today, so he walked home anyway.


Anonymous said...

Pony! Pony!

You are rich if you have a pony!


Oldnovice said...

Wow; you have snow already.

Seven Trees said...

These days you have to be rich to have most any kind of critter! We're planning to head to the horse-power swap meet put on by Small Farmer Journal, in April. Then we'll get Gemini a real working harness and maybe something interesting for him to pull.

Luckily the snow is gone already, but there's plenty of winter left to get more....


Anonymous said...
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