Tuesday, February 07, 2006

New Goat City

Well I know new goat - Lassie should get top billing, but how can I ignore a face like Chappelle's? What a ham! Chappelle is the naughty wether voted most likely to be sausage, but surprisingly is nice to Lassie. Julio, on the other hand, is very determined to lord it over Lassie to the point that he is no longer welcome on the stead. We're looking for a new home for him ASAP. In the meantime, feeding time means clipping the boys to the fence near one manger and giving her time to eat her grains and hay without being hassled by wethers.

Lassie is hopefully pregnant and due in June. She's a bit matted and smells like buck-daddy Dusty, so I'm thinking her fleece is a loss this time. The shearer might not get here til March, so I need to find a closer one, because she needs a fresh do fast. She seems to enjoy watching activity around the place - kitties, neighbors, cars, etc. Strange little goatie...

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