Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Work week hiatus

So here's what goes on while we're working all week. You'd think these guys would want to pitch in and earn their keep. Looks like nothing constructive will get done until Saturday, though the new big beefy posts are set & waiting for the front gates to be installed. We made some Atholl Brose, which is basically scotch, honey and oats left to sit for a few days and strained to drink. Haven't gotten to the drinking part yet, and it looks very....interesting. No wonder Scots are so hardy!


Anonymous said...

Sweet, sick ass, site. LaZy dog, lazy cat. Frisky flim flam farm danimals. Who knew goats liked to have fun. Is the one eating your head? It looks like quite the spread, you two should be proud of all the work you have put into it. Aren't you glad I turned you down to help, now you know you did it all. Yay!


Seven Trees said...

Hmmm... we were just trying to help you. Idle hands are the devil's playground!