Sunday, April 23, 2006

Well if you look carefully, you can see 3 morel mushrooms that popped up in the front yard, on the edge of the berry patch. They must have been there a while, since they're too dry to eat, and they've been nibbled on. But that bodes well for more next season, or maybe just across the road in the woods.

And you can see our poultry solar collectors - the hens lay as flat as they can on the ground, spread a wing out, and soak up the sun. They are great job site inspectors too! Always checking each shovel of dirt for tasty bugs and worms.

The "barn" is coming along nicely. It's actually what's called a run-in shelter, but next spring we'll put another half on it, and it will look like a garage or large shed. Not a barn in the sense of having a barn-type roof, but in that it's a building for keeping critters and hay out of the weather. Then the goat hut can go into semi-retirement as a dog house.

Lovely weather today...seeds are sprouting all over, and the hop rhizomes just went in the ground.

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