Thursday, May 04, 2006

Beltane Eve 2006

Here we are, celebrating what many cultures considered the first day of summer. More about Beltane here-

We also had a big pile of apple and fir branches left over from trimming last fall that needed to be burned. We spent the day working on the critter barn, you can see in the background, and spent the evening burning stuff and drinking homebrew. Fergus the Wonder Corgi loves to chase sparks, but doesn't like getting his mouth burned when he catches them. We had a blast just eating hotdogs and chips & salsa and waving to all the neighbors going by. The next morning, there was still a huge log that flamed up when the breeze picked up.

We got a pile of free roof sheathing from a neighbor who tore down a shed. Another neighor acutally carted it all back to his place because we were too busy to go glean the pickings. So we walked over, loaded his truck, and he brought enough over to roof the barn, and probably do the inside walss of the chicken coop. Naturally we paid in neighborhood barter tokens (beer & conversation).

The past few days have been all about gardening. Planting, weeding, fertilizing...And keeping the dogs out of the freshly fish-fertilized areas! If we had to rely on our bitty raised beds for food, we'd have had to shoot the dogs for sustenance after their trampling raid on the beds.

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Dani said...

That apple-half packs a wallop!