Thursday, May 11, 2006

Busy days

Here we have the face that launched just one barn. Lassie is very pregnant and due anytime from June 8th on. So that is our deadline to finish part one of our little pole barn.

You can see the roof is up, and has tar paper on. The shingling starts today, then the siding goes up. A coat of stain and some interior partitioning, and it's good to go. Hay will go one one side, critters on the other.

Next spring we'll build another half, kind of a mirror image, so it's a 16 x 16ft square. But for the two goats, it's a palace. The hens have been enjoying it in the meantime though. And averaging 2 eggs a day! Once in a while they take a day off, but we all need a break some time.

Planting has been going like crazy too. In fact, the only thing left to get in the ground is corn. We'll add a few more punkins around the corn patch, and then start digging a space for herbs. The ones in the greenhouse are mad, cramped roots in those little starter flats, and too warm in there now. So instead of potting them up for later, hopefully we can just move them to their permanent place next week. We planted 2 nice elderberries, and the hops are starting to hop as well.

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Barbara said...

Very nice run in shed for mama goat!