Saturday, June 10, 2006

This we mean it!

We just got done taking down the original cattle panel fence, and putting up a 2x4 wire fence, along the west side of the place. It took a few days, between work schedules and rainy day recess, and we just have the old wooden posts to pull up so we can reuse them somewhere else.

Here's the happy fencing commander -

Here's a view looking north along the fenceline. You also get a nice contrasting view of our rustic, country-type "landscaping", and our neighbor's rather suburban-looking lot.

Going to all that work....the time, the cost of new fencing, the hard labor...must have been for a very monumental result, right?'s just how much all that trouble got us, enclosed land-wise-

Why on earth did we do it??

Well, one year of having a socipathic neighbor did the trick. The gory details are far too graphic for a family-oriented blog like this one, but suffice to say, enough laws have been bent, broken and/or trampled by said neighbor to keep a legal system busy for weeks. Lets just say we've politely and firmly dealt with trespassing, trash dumping in our yard, damage to the fence, spraying plant-killer on our grass, having their dog sicced on our cats, the guy hiding between his hedge and our fence in the dark to stare in the windows, sneaking up the backside of our yard to dump yard waste, motor oil dumped in our yard (right where we told homey we planned to plant food) get the picture. We've tried talking a few times and got tired of the okie-doking. So after checking out our options with local law enforcement, we decided to move the fence to completely enclose our property. We're also camera-happy busy bodies now too, since we were told documenting further crimes is a good step. If need be, we'll have to see a judge about getting an anti-harassment order (AHO), and pretty much start calling the cops on him, instead of giving him another year's worth of chances. We tried telling them if they didn't like us, and couldn't be good neighbors, to just leave us alone. Quite obviously not an option for them.

All in all...UGH!!!

Now, maybe, hopefully, we can start building the new chicken coop.

Also in today's happenings, we were out putzing around in the front yard after dinner when a riderless horse goes galloping down the side road! Turns out the friend of horse-owners down the block was thrown just around the corner on the main road. He got carried off in an ambulance, but we haven't heard the details yet. Makes you realize how fast fun can turn to trouble...

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Mom said...

Glad to see the fence is finished again. Hopefully, this will keep the animals in and the others out..Talk soon and see you soon. Love to you both...