Sunday, June 25, 2006

What's cookin' at Seven Trees?

We are!

It's gotten a tick over 100 in the shade of the back porch since that pic was taken. We tried to get up early to get in more hay before it got hot, but it was about 80 by 9am. The plants are really suffering, but hopefully the emergency drink they got will tide them over til the sun lowers a bit. There is a slight breeze outside, but it's blowing oven-heat around instead of cooling. Supposed to be pretty hot all week.

Check out paddock 2 before scything this morning. There was still a bit of dew on the grass and you can see the shadows of the trees across the road keeping things damp enough to make cutting easier.

Paddock 2, mid-mow. Looks nice! It will need to be turned later today (not til it cools down a lot!) and will probably be ready to bring in by Wednesday. This is 2nd cutting hay, since the paddock was cut with the lawn mower previously. This means there will be more nutrients in it, and since we are cutting it before it gets overgrown, it will take up less storage space.

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