Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brewing and doings at Seven Trees

Here's the latest addition to Alchmey Corner - a milk stout! This recipe includes lactose, a milk sugar, which doesn't ferment out, but lends sweetness and body. The brew was originally concocted as a health drink for nursing mothers and invalids, or so the story goes. It's a great winter brew and we look forward to tasting it in about 6 weeks.

Adding a little culture to the corner is our Maneki Neko collection, along with a vase we got at a local artist's fair, a glass cat made with Mt. St. Helens ash, and a pomegranate from a friend's tree.

Mmmmm! Pastitsio! A Greek dish with pasta, cinnamon & nutmeg spiced meat sauce, topped with a bechamel sauce and baked.

We finally got the hens cootie-dusted for the third and final time. For some reason, they always fly at my face when we go to round them up. This time was no exception, with the added touch that I actually got hit in the forehead by one, who left a nice poopy scratch! So far I haven't died of tetanus, so the prognosis is happy. I was pondering the humor value of going into my doc and explaining the hen-assisted concussion and gangrene....oh well, there'll be plenty more opportunities for critter-injuries this summer.

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