Monday, February 26, 2007

Critter bag... not doggy!

This is what the restaurants should really call them.
Here J is enticing the cow with a leftover fry from our dinner out. The dogs as well as the chickens love leftover fries, but the cow?

Oh yea! Down the hatch. Stella loved the crispy fried treats!

And of course here's baby-Berry sitting up for one, his mom hovering for her share in the background.

Needless to say, the fries didn't even make it inside to the dogs, but they certainly aren't suffering. We'd come home from the feedstore earlier in the day with their allotment of cow hooves as well as some lovely smoked bones to knaw on. Everyone got a treat Sunday-dinner!


Diana said...

Mmmmm.. cow hooves and bones. A good recovery snack. How is good ol stewart doing? Hopefully still getting into mischief!

Dani said...

Stew had a bad day early this week, and I got him a refill on his pain meds. While at the vets I used their scale and he is now just over 90 pounds at 8 months old...!! He alternates between being the best dog I have ever had, and a complete rowdy teenager who must be constantly monitored owing to persitant naughtiness!

Lisa the GP said...

Stella's tongue is black?

I bet those cow hooves help Stewie's elbow. Kinda like a glucosamine/chondroitan supplement.

But, in all the shots of critters, where is Mark the Evil Parrot? He seems to evade the camera.

Berry looks like the source of the Golden Fleece.

Seven Trees said...

Stella's tongue is mostly black, but has pink blotches near the back. SHe's mostly black, but has some white on her tummy. Must be part of the breed norm...

Mark never makes the cameos because he's a boring little green lump ;) I'll have to try for a shot of him drawing blood on D's hand.

And little prince Berry is almost ready to have a fleece sample sent in to the registry board for classification. He's still a pesty little brat though.