Thursday, February 07, 2008

Everything but the kitchen sink

Remember the cooler full of body parts we got back in November? Here's what happened to them....The chunks of heart and liver were thawed, chopped and sauteed, then tossed into the soup kettle to stew. Then it's time to clean out the pantry and freezer - leftovers that have been left over a bit too long, cans of veggies or soup or broth that need to be rotated out of the pantry, and so on. Nothing unhealthy or inedible, but a good opportunity to use food that needs to get used sooner than later.
Each kettle full yields about 6 quarts (the big jars) or 12 pints (the little jars). You can see a bit of difference in these 2 batches, reflecting the bit of variety of goodies we found to include. It's canned up (90 minutes at 10lbs.) in the pressure canner, and the dogs love it (and so do the kitties!) mixed into their dry food, and if we were ever snowed in long enough to use up all the people-food in the house, we could even eat it too.....maybe with a nice Chianti.
And here's Magnus- alias Maggie or Magnuts. Always happy to demonstrate good kitty posture!

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LGP said...

Magnus has the same posture as the average 14 year old boy who's just come home from school, dropped his bookbag on the floor, plopped onto the couch, and announced he's hungry (in lieu of feeding himself...).