Monday, February 18, 2008

Three-day weekend at Seven Trees

Before heading out for a day of chores, some of us enjoy a hearty breakfast. Magnus prefers to lounge.
Aha! Upon returning to the house for a break, we found the little miscreant shirking his chorelist for some recreational activities!
Unable to rise, Magnus does his impression of a hearth rug. (Disclaimer: No kitties were harmed or even intoxicated during this photoshoot.)
Stella's milking stall, mostly done. The wire panel in the foreground removes for milking access, and the cement pavers will help wear her hooves down while allowing decent clean up.
Crichton getting escorted to and from the barn, past the cat-chasing cow.Stewart, who has neither shame nor dignity, sunbathes in the front yard. Temps got into the 50's and all the critters had a great time outside.
Stella the skeptic, suspiciously inspecting her stall. She goes in and eats now, but it will take another couple days before she stops bolting out of it when we are close.

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