Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free to good home

Crichton and Newt are inspecting our new roadside score. We already had a spare plywood shelf from a shelving unit in the shed, and needed a base to make a workbench. On our way to the feed store, we saw it waiting for it's forever home.A few screws and it's now a storage space for our bigger tools boxes and a dandy work bench too. That grey metal shelving unit to the right was a freebie from a former job. As you can see, storage and work space have barely made a dent in the shop bay of our new garage.
The western-most bay has 45 bales of hay stacked in one corner, with room behind for kitties to patrol. Turns out they've been using it as a dining room too. Here's Crichton munching on a baby cottontail. Not the nicest sight, but nature sorts out checks & balances whenever possible. The mama bunny is always in our pasture or front yard or barn yard, and does her thing without being hassled. But her babies don't always learn the ropes fast enough, and the cats get them. Enough survive to carry on, and we've gotten to enjoy our rabbit inhabitants, as long as they stay out of the garden.
Stewart, making sure he really really really can't come in the shop. "Really? Are you sure? You might want a big dumb dork to help out.... "
And here's Maggie, peeking out from under the back deck. He & Mercia are learning about the big outdoors, but they hide under the deck quite a bit. And wouldn't you know it, they still come inside to use the litter box!

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