Saturday, June 28, 2008

The fun is swarming at Seven Trees

A swarm of honeybees made its way through the neighborhood today. I went outside to check on the dogs and heard a loud buzzing above the garage. Hovering overhead was a huge swarm. They slowly moved south over the house, and then over the pasture and on to a tree in the neighbors' front yard. We missed seeing them form into a compact mass to rest, and they soon disappeared somewhere over the raspberry fields.
Where Newt is cute - she came to visit with us in the shade of the front yard trees this afternoon, and for once happily posed for the camera.
We replanted the cukes this evening, and Mark supervised from the greenhouse. He was a little camera-shy about waving though.

Uh oh! Vacation leaves lots of time for experiments...Bacon Salt!!

On a more laborious note, we did bring home a trailer-load of lumber to start building the new range shelter for Ryder tomorrow, our new herd sire. We'll post updates, if the current heatwave permits.

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Anonymous said...

Her eyes are like emeralds.