Sunday, July 20, 2008


Gemini!He's a 14 yr old Shetland gelding, about 11h (44" at the withers) tall. Gemini was formerly used at Lang's Horse & Pony Farm to teach people how to drive a cart. Since there hasn't been much demand for his skills recently, they decided to find him a home where he would have a job.
We both got a lesson on cart driving (and we bought his cart & harness too) and he was a real professional! I can't wait to drive him up to town to get a latte. He's got such good manners, we let him graze around the yard for a bit, and it's hard not to brush him and pet him while he eats.

After we brought Gemini home Saturday, we had a BBQ with some friends. It was also the weekend for the annual powwow down the road, so we got to enjoy eating, drinking & being merry with background music courtesy of the Nooksack tribe.

While we were out working on the pony/bull barn, there was a commotion in a patch of brush in the corner of paddock 5......
Wild cow!! Stella likes to stare at Gemini, but they aren't in the same pasture. She's a bit cranky because once she eats all her food, she wants to eat his too but can't. Hopefully her greediness is a sign that she's eating for two. When we have the vet out for Gem's shots, we'll see if the timing is right for Stella to have a pregnancy check.

The garden is starting to pick up steam, and we'll have some riveting photos coming up of harvesting & freezing beet greens & chard! The Reddale potatoes are coming in nicely. So far the straw mulch method is working fine. The hens are laying about 5 mini-eggs a day now, which means not long until 8-10 full-sized eggs a day. Stella is getting even better about letting down for milking, but Doug is bigger and hungrier, so we're still getting a steady 3 quarts each morning. I dread weaning him, just because of the yelling involved, but Ryder will be here next month and that seems like a good time to shake up the living arrangements.

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