Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pony day!

Here's Gem, waiting patiently while we sort out all the straps & buckles to his gear.
Yes, he's in the living room! There was actually an old Irish tradition for bringing luck to a household that involved walking new livestock in the front door & out the back (Irish Folk Ways, by E. Estyn Evans). Although in those days, many people kept the family milk cow & a few laying hens in one end of the kitchen. Houses were built with a slight slope to the kitchen end, which often had stone flooring, to keep the manure from spreading. But we just thought it was funny when he came to the front door and acted like he wanted in. Maybe he knew more about the lucky tradition than we did & wanted to help.
And on the back porch... Now we have to pony-proof the porch when he's out grazing in the yard.
Notice the outraged cow in these 2 clips....


LGP said...

Stella: That's a funny looking cow.
Gem: I'm not a cow.
Stella: You're ugly and our mothers dress you funny.
Gem: But I get to go in the house.
Stella: I hope they're not going to make *me* pull that thing.
Gem: Maybe not, you're too busy letting them pull your teats.
Stella: OH SHUT UP!

Oldnovice said...

Cute clips. Did sound like Stella was jealous. Is this close to the upper limit on the critters?

Seven Trees said...

Yeah, other than a summer visitor (weaner pig) we're full up. Oh, and Ryder, the bull calf we're getting next week. The grass is doing fine for now, and everyone gets hay morning & night. A few folks near us keep a lot of full-sized horses on acre lots and they live in dusty (or muddy) pens. Not nice for ma'am nor beast!

We're still guessing as to how much hay to bring in for the season, but luckily it looks like there is plenty of hay being cut locally, so we can buy more later. And Dexters and a pony don't eat near as much as full-sized critters....