Monday, December 15, 2008

Seven Trees Freeze!

Winter weather has finally found us here. High winds out of the Northeast, gusting as much as 50mph or more, and temps down in the teens. A few inches of snow this past Saturday and more forcasted this week.
The barnyard mud problem has been solved as Fergus and Stewart demonstrate here. The ground is fozen solid as a rock at this juncture. So crunchy hard that the steers hate walking on it and stay in the stall filled with hay. Of course the arctic wind gusts makes everyone want to take cover.

The snow that fell never melted. It hasn't been above 20 degrees since Saturday here, so it couldn't have. The snow has mostly been blown away by the gusting winds. The wind has also brought a steady shower of pine branch debris, and innumerable pine cones from our seven big trees as you can see below.
What could cheer chickens up more than some hot popcorn? Not very many things! We had an old Jiffy Pop that needed disposing of as it was past date, so the gals had a treat. They'd barely come out of their coops since last Friday, but the buttery goodness was too hard to resist.

Since we are to continue with arctic winds, snow and single digit temps for the next week or longer, looks like we'll have to postpone the Seven Trees Wassail until another TBA date. Sorry folks. Hard to have a bon fire with wind gusts pushing 60mph!


Jodith said...

You're lucky. In the city (of Bellingham, that is) we had about 4 inches (at least where we live on Lakeway), and it's mostly still just sitting there.

Seven Trees said...

Boy is today a pisser!

I drove all the way to Western, stayed 3 hours, then ran for home.

I hate snow!