Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Today's Weather



Shadowmoss said...

Animals know where it's at. It is cold and snowy, but, hey, looks like you have a treat for me there! Woohoo!

Kate said...

Wow! Some weather we are getting.
I wanted to stop by and let you know how much I enjoy reading your blog. I recently purchased land near Darrington and love reading the blogs of other local people. I hope you don't mind but I linked to your blog on my site. Thanks for the wonderful posts!

Shelby said...

oooooooooh that looks frigid.

Seven Trees said...

Love your blog Kate! Sounds like the PNW is a good place for you.

It's still frigid here tonight, and isn't supposed to get above freezing until next week sometime. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Pony smoochies!

(ponies turn me into a gushy baby-talking idiot)