Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chick fights!

The little chicks are practicing their fighting skills. They do little leaps into the air with baby wings a-flutter, trying to spur their opponents (if they had spurs). There is one enormous chick, the first one to learn the chicken-scratch-dance looking for food, so we named it Tubby. And there is teeny-tiny Peeps, still hanging in there, a miniature chicken. Tubby is the most aggressive and will even make a rush at Peeps. Not as rough as with the other chicks, but still a lot for such a tiny chick. But little Peeps stands her ground, and even leaps back at Tubby. After a mock battle or two, PoopButt (still only half the size of Tubby) will come to the rescue. She leaps at Tubby until he/she loses interest and rushes off to another area. PoopButt also gives worms to Peeps and watches while she eats them. Pretty cool for a "bird-brain"!

It's still just too mucky to do much in the veggie garden. Our neighbor was tilling up the wild spot along our fenceline with his tractor, and stopped to let me know all the stuff he has planted already. Then proceeds to tell me no one around here plants til May 1st! He 'cheats' with a heated greenhouse for his starts though. I should enjoy the 'break' before a summer of watering starts up, and I also have 15lbs of seed potatoes arriving soon. It doesn't sound like much, but that works out to 150ft of garden rows that need to be ready.....

Check out this tiny frog that was warming up under a tarp covering some kindling behind the woodshed. I let it go in a safer, warmer area. Hopefully it will join the nightly tree frog chorus.

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