Monday, March 05, 2007

Weekend recovery...

Managed to get a few things done this weekend, despite a slow start. This is a temp cross fence run out of cattle panel to open a bit more grazing for the 4 leggeds. Eventually I'll pull the cattle panel for the last of the perimeter, and then redo this run in field fence.
Tranplanted these from the backyard. They wound up where the expanded vegetable garden went, so they have been moved to the front yard where we hope they'll eventually grow into some screening.

Hopefully next weekend will be even more productive!!


Lisa the GP said...

I'm impressed by the amount of work to put up that much fence!

Not to discount transplanting some fairly large plants there, especially given how much rain you've had.

Watching the PNW weather lately I sort of wondered if you were going to have to replace the front lawn with water lillies.

Thanks for taking the time to put up pics!

Seven Trees said...

Boring pics for such a busy weekend, but there's only so many angles to shoot a stretch of wire from ; )

There still isn't too much we can do here with the weather so unpredictable.

This weekend we'll have a new goatie coming for a short stay, maybe the garden tilled, and new chickies!

Lisa the GP said...

Oooh, more critter pics this weekend!