Monday, March 19, 2007

Tilling and Sick Chick

Tilling the garden here. Right after finishing this area, the belt on the drive belt stretched out and failed. It's my neighbors tiller, so even though the drive belt looked old and had several bad spots, I am still mortified. No place to get a new one on a Sunday here though.

The two black star chicks have just not been as healthy as the others. First one had troubles, and then the other got weaker and weaker. Last night we brought both in for TLC to see if we can pull them through. Now there's a chick brooder box in the bathroom and we are feeding then every few hours. I am crushing the chick feed down a bit more as a tleast for one chick the normal sized chick-starter just seems too big. He at least looks to be eating more now.

After working all day outside, Fergus shows us how to REALLY relax! Corgi-style...

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