Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Another rainy day!

Here are a few pics of Seven Trees' goings-on, or lack thereof. We're still on the garden-prep trip. Lots of digging, compost mixing, seeding, watering. Except for today. It finally rained.
Here's the crew on a grazing field trip, courtesy of the new ElectroNet fencing. It's a mesh with little stick-in fiberglass posts that is connected to the main hotwire. This way we can let them get to areas that aren't perimeter fenced yet. When I went in to close it up for the night they all had gigantic grass-bellies!

A wonderful new tool for the mead-making part of our "brewery" - a floor corker. There is a doohickey that compresses the corks right as another doohickey pokes the cork into the bottle. With this we can use a better quality cork, which is important for meads which are usually cellared for a long time. Oh yeah...that's heather mead getting corked. A really sweet mead, with a gallon of honey in a 5 gallon carboy. I added dried heather flowers and plant tips for a historical recipe with medicinal qualities.

And Crichton the sleeping wonder cat! According to our calculations, he manages about 19 hours of sleep indoors, with an unknown amount outside. It's a hard life!

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Just look at that little face. Those are happy cat dreams (of torturing small bunnies under the shed)!