Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Stella goes camping

We decided it was very silly to mow a rapidly overgrowing dog paddock when we have a perfectly good cow on the place. And Princess Stubborn is getting better about being handled. So we manage to clip a lead to her collar and lure her into the paddock (with liberal applications of treats of course).

Naturally, when it was time for one of us to leave for work, catching her again was impossible. So Stella is spending the night in the dog run.

She seems a bit bored with the whole thing now, and wants back in to her barn. But I can't handle her alone, so she's SOL. I did manage to clip the lead back on, and she ran around throwing a hissy fit about it. Unfortunately, I can't leave it on her, because she could get her feet or horns caught up in it and really hurt herself. So once she calmed down and started snacking on hay, I started doling out apple slices. She let me grab her collar and unclip the lead without too many histrionics, which bodes well for our recapture attempt tomorrow. I'm also hoping she is so thoroughly bored, and tired of not having a barn to rest in, that she'll get with the program and let us lead her back to the barnyard in a jiffy.

It was hilarious to see her drink out of the dog's water bowl (which I missed getting a picture of) but I drew the line at her snuffling around the hooves and beef rib they left behind. I took them out and she made the "smell face" like critters do.

Now she's alternating between checking the gate, lying down, and staring at the goats & the house. She has such a grass belly! Hopefully she'll just sleep when it gets dark and not set up a hollering commotion. And hopefully it doesn't rain on her, though maybe it would help get the point across that she should let the annoying pink monkeys lead her around sometimes...


Anonymous said...

maybe she thinks the dogs are going to eat her, having smelled dead cow in the paddock.

hope cows can't get mad cow by smelling cow hooves and ribs.

Seven Trees said...

Stella made it back home just fine, but is still a bit suspicious of that lead rope....oh well.