Friday, April 20, 2007

April frost brings....?

Mark is demonstrating his poise and elegance - sitting and politely clasping talons, with nary a naughty nip.

Here's the garden so far. There are a few teeny starts that don't show up well...lettuce, broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes. And lots & lots of seeds just starting to peek up from the dirt. The big bare patch in the foreground is the future home of potatoes, corn, cukes, beans & amaranth, but it's not quite time to plant them yet.

We had a frost this morning. Nothing too terrible, but a reminder that it's not quite summer yet. I was so tempted to plant the beans this week, but I guess Nature (and common sense) would rather I wait til the traditional May 1st - Beltaine - planting date. Oh well...

We've been getting good results from our electro-net moveable fencing. It lets the critters graze areas that aren't permanently fenced yet, and allows us to limit them to certain areas of the pastures so they don't eat down to bare dirt. But there are still places where we don't want them free-ranging, so we're using "green chop". This means we cut taller grass and brush with the scythe and tote it to the barnyard with the wheelbarrow. They treat it like a salad bar and seem to enjoy the delivery service. It's a cool way to keep the field edges looking nice and the critters fed, all at once.

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