Saturday, May 19, 2007

Barn-up, part 2

After setting batter boards and making sure everything was nice & square, it's time to dig the 3ft deep post holes.

Naturally, one post needed to go next to a giant old black locust stump. Lots of roots to chop through to get to the bottom.

Cleaning up the jobsite for the day. Three posts set and waiting for the concrete to dry before backfilling with dirt. Check out the handy dandy livestock-exclusion fence. Critters are very helpful with dumping out nails, chewing hammers, and general inspection work. The next step will be the rafter girts, that support the rafters. Since the slope on this side will be a bit less than the other, we're doing 12" centers. The upper ends will tie into the existing rafter girt with hurricane-strength joist hangers. We get snow and wind here, so we need to build everything heavy duty as possible.

Last, but far from least, Newt decided to be cute in the lawn furniture I stacked in hte drive so I could mow. A perfect vantage for spying on Crichton and lording over the canines.

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Dani said...

How is it she always manages to look like she's frowning when we finally get her to sit still long enough to be photographed??