Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lassie & Berry have a new home

Here they are, meeting & greeting their new pals.

28 llamas are little intimidating, but lots of pygora friends to play with. They are on a farm on Whidbey Island where they will join the fiber-production business.
Meanwhile, at Seven Trees, the battle has begun - keeping Newt & Crichton from using the tater patch as a toilet. Ugh!!!
Nettle season is just about over. We didn't get as many as last year, probably due to all the changes we've made to the micro-climate. Next season we'll probably harvest some from the woods across the road. Garden activity has changed over from planting to watering & weeding, and a few lettuce plants are getting close to pickability. The ancient apple tree we cut back so hard has a ton of blossoms, but it's too early to tell how many of them are setting fruit. And we need to get a couple of pear trees before it's too late to plant them.


LGP said...

did you ever find out what berry's fleece rating was?

Dani said...

He's a "B" boy.

Manerva said...

Sounds like the have a great home, but aren't you going to miss them? Just a little?

Seven Trees said...

Berry is a B fleece, which has something to do with having guard hairs, but still being fluffy as cashmere. They do a micron count to establish the fineness of the hairs, but we didn't get that info.

It was really awesome to have a baby born at Seven Trees, but goats have such a frantic, nervous energy....It was a great learning experience, to learn about a breed all the homestead magazines and websites touted as the wonder-critter for all 'steads. But just like cows aren't for everyone, neither are goats. We're much happier with our laying hens and potential milk cow.