Saturday, May 26, 2007

Three-day weekend

One rafter girt up. Another one will go on the backside of the posts after the rafters are fastened down.
Here are most of the rafters up, but still needing their lower ends tied down with the metal hurricane ties.

The garden is coming along nicely. Except for the amaranth. So far, not one seed has sprouted, so it looks like we'll try our mangel beets here later this summer. We've been able to harvest lettuce and spinach and some beet thinnings.

And of course, Newt being cute. She just had to jump on top of the barrow full of Stella's green chop.

Stella is learning to back up on voice and hand command. Next up is learning to walk forward on command, which is easier to teach with copious treats. Toshi is taking to his role as man of the flock quite well. He scouts out choice bits of grain and bugs for the ladies and calls them over to partake. He also makes sure everyone gets to bed on time. His occasional attempts at mating have so far not met with success, but he's still young.

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