Sunday, August 19, 2007

Guest blogger: Neil the Ameraucana hen

Here I am, getting ready to make my first blog post. I figured out a great way to get those humans to carry me into the house so I can work on the computer! I just hunker down and stand still when they come near and they can't resist picking me up. My telepathy skills must have improved too, because this time they brought me in and set me right in front of the keyboard like I wanted.
Who would have thought those mean old Red Stars would actually do something nice for someone else! But here's Boldy picking flies off Stella's face. Sometimes they even nap together. At least it keeps her too busy to steal all the scratch and chase me out of the dust bath.
The people were all excited about this big chunk of charred raw meat. Something about it being the best steak they've ever had. It came from one of those shaggy Highland cattle Stella was telling me about. The veggies looks pretty good though, right out of the garden, like we hens get. Only the humans never put dressing on ours - go figure! Here's the corn patch, with lots of nice ears on it. The old biddies were talking about how they got to help till up the garden this spring and eat all the bugs they could catch. Rumor has it the humans will be looking for a fall work crew to get things in shape before winter. Mmm mmm! I love turning under all that Stella-compost to hunt for creepy-crawlies.
Speaking of compost, I'd better signal the humans to get me back outside before I...

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