Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Rainy Day BBQ?!?

Sure, why not!
The forecast for this Saturday has taken a turn for the worst, but we'll still have the grill fired up and the homebrew chilling. The potato-digging contest might be more of a mud-wrestling event depending on rainfall, but a little heather mead will ease the pain.
Speaking of heather mead (yup, the batch featured in a previous post for blowing some corks) we opened an intact bottle tonight and it is fabulous! Normally mead takes a couple years to be at its best, but this was started last summer and is ready now. It has a gallon of local honey to 4 1/2 gallons water, plus a secret ingredient - heather flowers and plant tips. We're always experimenting with traditional, ancestral brews, and this one is a winner! Seems that the corks blew because the yeast wasn't quite finished with all that honey when we bottled it. So the intact bottles have a nice nectar-like sweetness with a tiny bit of fizz.
Weather-hardy visitors to Seven Trees this weekend should be prepared to channel their Viking ancestors!

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