Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mid-summer garden

The potato patch is no longer the lush jungle it used to be. The right-most row of reds, which now looks like a dust heap, provided around 100lbs. of potatoes. Still more to harvest from the 2nd row, and the Buttes are using the last bit of photosynthesis as the tops die back to keep on growing. You can see the little corn patch to the right, coming along well, and back center with the red tops is the amaranth.
The new contender for garden jungle are the tomatoes. No matter how often we wade in to sort them out, as soon as our backs are turned the vines are leaping over the twine and kntting themselves into an impenetrable barrier. Lots and lots of green tomatoes forming, so the canner and dehydrator will get a workout soon.
Stew is supervising our pre-BBQ clean up. He still thinks he's getting a trip to the beach, but he'll have to make do with a romp around the yard with Fergus today.
The squash pit. The orange one in front is a potimarron, a French variety that is supposed to taste like a cross between pumpkin and chestnuts. Behind them are the delicatas, and furthest back are the long island cheese pumpkins. Still not sure about the squash harvest this fall. The weather has been so strange we'll be happy to get any.
And the biggest watermelon in the greenhouse so far. There are a few more forming up, but this one seems the most happy.

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