Sunday, December 09, 2007

Santa's goaty helpers?

In case anyone was worried that Lassie & Berry left Seven Trees for a new career as pet chow, here are some pics we just got from their new people. I wonder if New Years Eve will mean the ever-popular "lampshade on the head" photos!

Here's what their new person says about them:

"They are doing very well. Lassie shares her world with 11 other does and 2 alpaca girls. Berry lives with 4 other goat wethers and the 5 of them have a big goat barn and a maze of a pasture where they can walk all around the 6 llama boy runs. Berry is such a love and is full of the devil, so the halo was wishful thinking. Lassie bullies the other girls around, and some of the older ones give it right back to her. I think she is happy but some days it is hard to tell. I do get hugs from her but at first is it not willingly on her part then she decides well this is not so bad. Berry love hugs and to walk through your legs, well he is too big for that now but he forgets."

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Anonymous said...

Berry is still adorable.