Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Stews last stand

Chickens are moving in for the kill. Stew's looking scared or guilty... maybe both.
Maybe they'll be gentle.

Mercia's soft fluffy tummy, begging for a rub.
Gotta love the smile... she must be dreaming about saucers of cream.
Honestly, open the fridge for milk and the buggers'll mow you down trying to get some!

The rocking chair has become a favorite kitten hang-out. That is when they are not ripping around the house like rocket cats!


Anonymous said...

How are the felines getting along now? Any sign of a cohesive pride or is it still adults vs. newbies?

Seven Trees said...

Newt has deigned to lounge on the living room floor for a few moments with the babies. Crichton has sniffed them before stalking off in disgust. But the grown-ups seem happy to enjoy their privacy and indoor/outdoor privileges for now.