Monday, December 03, 2007

Snow, wind, rain, and a bad cold

We had about 4" of snow here over the weekend. Luckily the 50-60mph winds brought rain from the south to wash it all away. Now we're on flood watches for most rivers and streams in the area. NOAA has a site called the Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service with realtime monitoring of major river levels across the country. Just click on your region and it will pull up a map of water sensors and you can see if they're nearing flood stage.

A local business, Bellingham Cold Storage, runs a weather station and web cam from their rooftop, which is handy for seeing just how strong those wind gusts really are. They have a few different ways of looking at weather data, and it's a really nice service to the community.

One of our neighbors is a bow hunter, and got a lovely 3-point buck the other day, his first one. Since they don't have a digital camera, we loaned them ours for a bit. Which means new pictures will be scarce for another day or so. And I've also managed to pick up another nasty cold, so I'm taking a brief break from writing more juicy posts. I do have one in the works about what pet food is made of - not for the faint of heart. I did manage to can up some oxtail soup for the humans, and some liver & veggie stew for the dogs. Mmm mmm!

In the mean time, yet another kitten pic, doing what they do best when they aren't sleeping - beating the crap out of each other....


cile said...

Hope you feel better soon. Always enjoy your posts.

LGP said...

I think I caught your cold (over the internet), blast it!

The kitties are cute, but how are Newt and Creighton managing now? Do they all get along yet or what?

I hope your electricity stays up.

Dani said...

Uneasy truce. Older cats don't spend a lot of time with the babies. Of the two, Newt seems to be more curious and will pause to sniff or interact once in a while.

Crichton races through the living room to back bedroom where kittens are blocked out of. That's his sanctuary. If they get too forward, either older cat might hiss at them or growl.

Yet both cats come and go, and haven't disappeared altogether or anything, so I count that as a first victory.