Thursday, January 03, 2008

Animal Interlude

Can you spot the "cat"alogue?

Laser-eye's set to kill... sure they LOOK cute, but they're also deadly!

Post dinner somnombulance...

Mercia snoozing near the wood stove.

Seven Trees short project list:

milking stall/stanchion,

bees and hive,

baby chicks,

garden planning,


winter yard clean-up...

for starters!


Anonymous said...

1) where are Newt and Crichton?
2) what was that basket for before it was a cat bed?
3) from that angle you can confirm Mercia's gender, thus putting a new spin on the expression 'critter porn'.

Dani said...

1 - Sleeping in the bedroom most likely.

2 - It is a newspaper basket next to the woodstove for lighting the fire with. It also doubles as a lovely kitten nest.

3 - All I see is a cute fuzzy, sleepy kitten! Looks like she's smiling to me too...

Anonymous said...

She is a cute fuzzy, sleepy kitten. But it's still a butt-shot.

It would be hard not to resist scritching that belly but I'm sure the result would be an instant 4-pawed 16-claw-wrist-clamp supplemented by a thumb-web fang-hold, possibly followed by an apologetic-if-not-entirely-sincere thumb-web licking, and subsequentlly a back-paw claw rake, breakaway roll, and fur-puffed arch-backed side jumps inviting chase.

LadyRugi said...

Hey, your cats and dogs look sooo cute! Love the pic with the kitty slepping on the newspaper basket (=^o^=)