Monday, January 28, 2008

Cats and tatties

Magnus and Mercia with their laser eyes.

Mercia relaxing.

Magnus being a flat cat.

Must be treat time for everyone to hold still this long.

Snap the picture monkey, and I am sooooo gone!

And in other news... the recent steady bout of 20 degree weather has done in our Reddale seed potatoes that we'd harvested and kept over from last year. We'd made a makshift cold storage on the back porch, but the steady cold finally froze them. They'd done great until now. We seriously need a root cellar or house cold room for just this reason. Have to see when/where we can get something better built!


kristen said...

Do you all have plans for a root cellar? Seven Trees has the same challenge as my land... no hills with which to work.

Seven Trees said...

We have lots of plans for a root cellar, just no time to build one just yet ; )

But I think we're going to try for a partially buried one, maybe 4 feet deep, then 4 feet above gorund with the dirt from the hole heaped over. Not sure how big yet either.

Saara said...

We'll be using our pumphouse and some other spaces in our home that don't get too warm. Too much rain here on Endor for anything actually underground. ;)

kristen said...


We actually have the same issue here... the water table is really high. My bedroom is the coolest place in the house.. maybe I'll build a cupboard in there. :)