Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cowboy Leg Beautiful Pole - or - why not to use a machine translator.

A slight deviation from Seven Trees' usual topics today. I just had to share this.
I have laughed so much at this translation of a menu from China, that I can't remember how I stumbled on it. It was originally posted on Engrish, a site I highly recommend visiting. The menu items are actual jpgs of the menu, interspersed with commentary from the blogger, so you have to go to the original site to participate in the madness. But here are a couple of samples: The Cowboy Leg Beautiful Pole mentioned in our blog title is an actual item on this menu. See if you can find it.

There are also hundreds of comments, some funny, some not so funny. So take a deep breath, make sure your mouth is empty so as not to spray your keyboard as you bust a gut, and go to for the entire painfully hilarious menu.

BTW, Mark the Evil Quaker had a wonderful time mocking my helpless laughter, but I think the other critters were a bit concerned.

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